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28 July 2015

The communications landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years with the changing ‘traditional’ media landscape coupled with the proliferation of ‘new’ digital and social media leading to the end of “mass” media; a fragmentation of the audience; and a change in what, where and how we get our news.

Last week, Honner presented at the AIST Marketing Ideas Exchange in Melbourne, discussing what this new world of communications means for superannuation funds.

Information overload, infobesity, infoxication, regardless of what you call it, it is a phenomenon that has certainly forever changed the role of PR professionals.

However, despite everything that has changed there remains one consistent – content. Compelling, engaging content remains at the heart of any communications program. The difference is that today it may not just be written content (or a media release) – but it could be infographics, GIFs, videos, memes or any format that works for the chosen platform and engages your audience.

Take a look at this recent example on BuzzFeed, sponsored by the ATO that uses images of dogs to encourage you to consolidate your super. If the ATO are on board then you know it must be time to get up to speed.

Media remains an important stakeholder and there are many reasons and ways to proactively engage media. But as the title of the presentation to AIST Marketing Ideas Exchange suggests, the role of PR is more than just a media release.

Effective PR includes building a strategy that aligns to the business goals; considers social part of the broader communication strategy and builds content that is engaging and sharable; uses data to better tailor communication so we reach the right person at the right time; and demonstrates effectiveness through evaluation.

See our presentation where we discuss all these elements here.

Or read coverage on the presentation as reported today in Investment Magazine.

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