BTC Markets

How we helped Australia’s home-grown exchange achieve the No.1 share of voice in the local crypto industry.

The brief

Take cryptocurrency into the ‘mainstream’. Move beyond sensationalist reporting to inform how the industry has been advocating for regulation – with BTC Markets at the forefront of this movement. 

Help everyday Australians understand the opportunities in an emerging but volatile asset class through education, thought leadership and data-backed investment trends. 

Profile CEO Caroline Bowler as a key spokesperson and thought leader on the Australian and global cryptocurrency industry. 

Position crypto as an alternative investment choice for the long-term, as opposed to a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. 

Demonstrate BTC Markets’ innovative approach help customers access cryptocurrency safely and securely – by forging successful strategic partnerships. 

What we did

  • Developed an ‘Always On’ media approach for CEO Caroline Bowler to ride the busy crypto news cycle in mainstream and trade media (including broadcast).

    Shared proactive commentary from Caroline on key regulatory updates such as Senate inquiries and Treasury announcements to regulate the crypto industry. 

    Leveraged social media to amplify key advocacy messages and efforts. 

    Conceptualised, drafted and launched the BTC Markets Investor Study Report as a single source of truth on local cryptocurrency investing trends. 

    Worked closely with the marketing / communications and leadership teams to draft partnership announcements and develop media strategies.

    Developed a targeted events / awards list for the year and pitched Caroline as a speaker or potential nominee, ​securing an exclusive sponsorship and keynote speaking opportunity at the inaugural AFR Cryptocurrency Summit. 

Client outcomes

  • BTC Markets consistently achieves the No.1 share of voice among the crypto industry. 

    1,253 media articles published with a total audience reach of over 12 million in 2021​.

    110+ media interviews secured for Caroline Bowler, out of which 60+ were broadcast opportunities​.

    Majority of media articles (46%) had a high share of voice for BTC Markets, often accompanied by other industry leaders​.

    Over half (52%) of all media coverage secured in mainstream / national / metro publications – achieving the initial brief of making crypto ‘mainstream’ and ‘digestible’ among a larger audience. 

    Caroline continues to be the go-to person for any regulatory commentary for senior journalists.

“Honner really stands out in terms of work produced and results achieved. Crypto can be a tough nut to crack but Honner has clearly put the hours in and understands our market. I have complete faith in all their work and advice. I feel with their assistance, we have become a reliable brand for media to cover and our profile has never been higher. I have had no hesitation to recommend Honner – just not to competitors!” 

Caroline Bowler, CEO of BTC Markets​, Melbourne

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